Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) is an inclusive sport played by anyone. The rules are the same as the running game with slight adaptations 

  • Pitch - It is played on a surface normally 50 x 100 meters a game lasts for 50 minutes 2 x 25 min halfs
  • Ball - A size 4 
  • Kicking – Kicks shall be allowed only after the fifth tackle. Kicks, in general play, must be taken only by a player with a Physical Disability.
  • 9 players on each side. Only 2 able bodied players allowed on the pitch at any one time
  • Tackling - a tackle is performed by touch on a player in RED shorts otherwise as per international rules
  • Play the ball – A player’s foot does not have to come into contact with the ball during a play-the-ball. Players will be allowed to roll the ball back between their legs without penalty.
  • Scoring a try - As per international rules of the game
  • Conversions - As per international rules of the game
  • Drop Goals - Are Not allowed
  • Penalties – Kicks at goal are NOT allowed
  • Restarts – After a conversion attempt, with a tap at the centre of the halfway line. (So, the team that had just conceded a try will have possession).
  • Goal Line Drop Out - Should a drop out bounce into touch, play will re-start with a play-the-ball by the non-kicking team 10m in from the touchline opposite where the ball entered touch.
  • Touch and Touch in-Goal - As per international rules of the game
  • Knock-on and Forward Pass - A knock-on will not result in a scrum. The player who has knocked on will re-gather the ball and return to the location of the knock-on. The player will play-the-ball and play will continue. A knock-on will count as one tackle. A knock-on after the completion of the fifth tackle shall result in a handover. A forward pass will result in a handover to the non-offending team. The handover will take place where the pass was made.
  • Marker at the Ruck – Only one marker allowed
  • Physically Abled Players - The primary purpose of physically-abled players (denoted by high visibility fluoro vests) is to facilitate the progress of the game. In order to minimise the impact on the result, the physically-abled players will play subject to various restrictions.
      • Not allowed to run more than 10m forward at any time without passing the ball
      • Must succumb to a tackle of any player who contacts them
      • Can only tackle players who have advanced beyond the Play of the Ball (except within 10m of the try line)
      • Cannot score tries, kick goals or kick the ball in general play. All points are to be scored by physically disabled players

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